Every minute of every day

Gotta love a baby smile!
Last night, my husband noted that I hadn't written a blog post in a while.  Which is true.  I've wanted to, but right now, I don't really get to do exactly what I want, when I want.  The reason I haven't blogged even though I want to can pretty much be summarized in the last 60 minutes of my day. 

I was starving and have been starving all day as it was 4:15 and all I've been able to grab for myself was a smoothie and cup of coffee, which I was hoping would suppress my hunger and give me a much needed surge of energy around noon until I could find a spare moment to eat something.  I had gotten the swaddle back out of the drawer for this afternoon nap.  We dropped the swaddle last week, which has gone well... 

He's still sleeping though the night, but had regressed back to 45 minutes naps.  Which pretty much means, it's 4:15 in the afternoon and all I've had time to do is sip on some blended up frozen fruit and lukewarm coffee.  Right now, shower is a very distant and ambitious hope for another day and another time. 

But now I have a snoozing baby burrito, which means I get to put something in my grumbling tummy and maybe get a head start on dinner.  As my feet hit the landing, the hardwood is wet, the cleaning people left around 3:30 so unless there was some sort of spill on their way out the door, it could only mean I just stepped in dog pee.  As I look down, that's not all she has left on the floor.  I've walked her 4 times already today, and am fine to just let her run away at this point.  I go to get some paper towels, but can't find any, so have to finagle my way into the storage space under the stairs to get some paper towels, begin cleaning up the mess to see the mess is a bloody mess, which isn't really a good thing.  I assume these doggie stomach issues are brought upon us because my husband has decided (without consulting me) to start Molly on dry food - only it's best to ease into a new dog food - not just pour her a bowl in the morning, which goes uneaten until some wet food on it.  But, "when she is hungry enough she will eat it." 

So I call the vet, to make her an appointment for tomorrow.  I finally make my way to the kitchen and say a silent praise to the Lord that I was smart enough to get some organic frozen veggies and brown rice entree at the grocery store "just in case."  I pop it in the microwave, grab a wet swiffer and re-mop the floor that was just mopped 2 hours ago.  I open the front door to get some sunlight in the foyer to make sure I got everything and Molly takes this opportunity to make a run for it.  So I go after her in my bare feet and after catching up with her, just thankful that I do not have to put James in the moby wrap for this impromptu outing. 

When I get back in, the microwave is done, and I get to eat something-yay!  Dinner prep will be after Josh gets home and can help with walking the dog continuously and entertaining the baby.  I guess I should be thankful he is home this week because he has been gone the past four weeks in a row.  I would honestly just open the front door and let the dog run away if he wasn't here.

How is this what an average hour of my day is like?  This multiplied x the 16 waking hours I have in a day is a glimpse of what my life is like right now.  Some hours are much much worse and some are remarkably better, in fact amazing.  But every second of everyday is full to the brim, and the good is so good it out weighs all the bad. 

James found his feet today


Anonymous said...

Sarah -I can't help but notice that you referred to James' napping as "regressed to". A shorter nap is PROgress, as the kids don't, won't, and shouldn't nap for longer periods as they grow. Babies/kids are hard work, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Holy toledo, what a day! Baby James keeps getting bigger & cuter. LOVE that he's found his feet - too cute!! And prayers for Molly - hope it's nothing serious. I don't know how you do it Sarah!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Wow, rough day! I am with you on the dog. I have a Chihuahua that makes me curse under my breath daily as I clean up her poop from the floor even though she just went out. Also, understand the no time to eat thing too, although it does get better. Not to mention I never get to go pee :) & any free daylight hours I'm trying to teach them everything I can fit in or do some fun activities. So glad your hubby is home this week. That is hard work on your own.

Melissa said...

It will get better! Hopefully, you will be able to transition to 2 longer naps (morning and afternoon) and cut the "cat naps" every few hours soon. Both of my boys got into that pattern and it was great to know when there was going to be some downtime.

I know there are days that are SO HARD, but they will pass. Give yourself a break and go ahead and eat those frozen dinners. It won't kill anyone : )