I've made it...

To another weekend at least. The past month of my life has been a total blurr. I knew my new job would kick my butt, I just never knew how hard or what it would fell like to pull these kind of hours. I have never worked this long or hard or been in a total state of confusion like I have these past few weeks.

Man, I'm tired.

I was ready to throw in the towel more times than I can even count. My calls to Josh were totally fruitless. He had no sympathy being oceans and timezones far away. But I've made it this far and am going to keep on keeping on. Eventually my life will return to some sort of order, or else I just don't know what I will do with myself.

I've never been days/weeks behind on emails-gchat? I don't think I've done that in months. My emailing is done at redlights at best. Communication by traffic signal, it's truly survival.

I told my former boss, the paycheck is greener, but the grass is not. Maybe it's starting to turn a corner ( I'm hoping at least). I do know it's going to get worse before it gets better, but at least I have a trip to Greece in the mean time to look forward to.

Sitting on my porch with a glass of vino tonight helped, plus I have a few hours before I hit the hay to start planning out my garden this year.

I will be starting late because of our trip to Greece. A pansy or two or four survived the winter. So I will enjoy them and refresh my soil before planting my summer plants.

Whoever thought a highlight of my life would involve compost?

Ahh, organic vegetable gardening, my favorite class in college and now my favorite pastime.
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Dee Stephens said...

And..you're blogging by phone. We've missed you girl.
What is your new job? Hubs took a new job around Christmas and feels the same way you do when it comes to the grass and the paycheck.
Keep your chin up.

Kristin said...

Sorry things are so crazy. Hang in there.