All in a Weeks Time

It was just last week that I was reflecting on how my life was turning out just how I had wanted it to be.
Married to the most amazing guy - check
Moving and Groovin on a great career path - check
Packed social calendar-check

On Tuesday I was lunching with my bestie Lacey at Nordstroms, were we were talking about the amazing career opportunities that had come our ways in the past few months (I'm starting an amazing new job in Mid-April), decorating our homes, and the Spring Fashion Event I'm hosting at Talbots on April, 14th (save the date my DC and NOVA Friends)!

Later that night I lead a Junior League Project, which was beyond fun.  My Tuesday nights are always a rewarding experience if not the highlight of my week hosting a reading club with adults with mental disabilities.  The joy I'm able to share with these guys is beyond anything that I could even begin to explain.

Wednesday another busy day at the office followed by an incredible Hot Yoga session which is my new obsession.

 Thursday a wonderful reception for Josh's high school at the Old Ebbitt Grill across the street from the White House.  I had a blast meeting some of his classmates and an even considering transferring to the Junior League of Northern Virginia, I know all my DC leaguer's are shuttering at the thought.  As we were headed to get our car from valet, we randomly ran into good friends from Florida.  I finally felt a little connected in the Big City, small town that is DC. 

Although DC is beginning to feel more like home and as I feel more connected here, I loose more and more of my connection to Florida everyday, which is a little heartbreaking for me.

As my career grows it means I grow...older...and so do my parents.  It's a struggle to feel disconnected from them when I want to be there as they face health obstacles that seem to develop from nowhere.  I'm ready for the well worn path to and from the Mayo Clinic and Florida South from my parents front door to be the path less taken.

Another Tuesday, another lunch at Nordstroms, another chance to solve life's problems and maybe get a new spring outfit...


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

As a parent of grown children, I believe that your parents would want most of all for you to feel happy and fulfilled. I'm sure that they're so proud of you.

Dee Stephens said...

Great post! I can't believe next month I will have lived in Charlotte for 10-years! I really feel like this is home now. It's great.
Old Ebbitt Grill..is one of my DC favorites.
I especially love it around Christmas.
You can go and see the tree and then head over there for a hot toddy and dinner :)

I Do Declare said...

I want to come to your Talbbots event!! So glad you're in such a sweet place in life!

Shannon said...

What a great outlook on life...we are blessed, aren't we!?


krys said...

Hi Sarah, This is extremely random - I was in your recruitment group at UF in I think 2002 (and then dropped out and didn't pledge any sorority)..I don't think we ever spoke at UF again but we were friends on facebook and I saw the links to your blog recently and started following :) I enjoy reading! I've been in DC for a few years and I feel the same about losing my connection to Florida every day..and feeling disconnected/not able to be there for parents/family :( It's tough. But I'm sure they're proud of you and happy for your successes :)

Also, what is Junior League?

Susan Payton said...

Just blogging around this afternoon and found your blog. You've done a nice job with your page, thanks for letting me visit.
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