Blizzard 2010

We have survived the 2 plus feet of snow, but haven't been out of our parking lot yet. Our awesome neighbors made a video of us digging out. I'm in the white jacket later in the video. Check out his blog at www.holzbrew.blogspot.com. I have enjoyed the fruits of his labor tonight, we're lucky to have such awesome neighbors!!

I really wanted to go to the big snowfall fight in DuPont Circle today at 2:oo pm. But the metro wasn't running from our stop since it's above ground here. So I had to watch it on the news.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

We'll be digging out today -- first snow of season...fun -- third snow of season....not so much!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppy said...

Hi, Sara Beth! I left something for you on my blog.
P.S. Whenever I see your header picture I smile. :-)

Juliana said...

Oh wow...watched the video...but I was distracted by your beautiful sunny stunning header...what a great picture!

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