Take me out to the ball game

We took James to his first baseball game today. We currently read about Curious George going to a baseball game a few times a day, so we were due for a trip to the ball park.

We missed a trip to see the gators play this spring, but were very happy to get tickets to the Rays game from Josh's company.

We hit some beach traffic while James screamed to see Raymond the mascot- not the most pleasant hour of our lives, but we sang (well mostly josh due to James' request/demands) just about every song in the book. Our plan for a nap in the car didn't quit workout.

At the game James scarfed a footlong and got a game all all during the first inning.

Ice cream and popcorn soon followed.

He is totally enthralled with Raymond the mascot, but then terrified close up. Isn't that how it always goes?

We had a great time in the kid zone, but were all tired and ready to head home a little early.

Josh caught us on TV when we watched games highlights once we got home.

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Melissa said...

SOOOO Fun!!! Baseball games are some of our favorites!!!

KatiePerk said...

That is precious!! I love how you tied it in with the book. I need to file that away.

Kim McCue said...

Love to see a fellow Rays fan!

Ruth said...

That sounds like a lot of fun.