It's fantastic!

We took James to his first Gator Basketball this past weekend and he loved it!

What a treat to spend time with my parents and James, it was more fun than I even thought it would be!


I was a gator greeter in college, so I went to every home basketball game, and also went to many concerts and events in the O'dome.

It was so neat to share something I loved with my little guy!

He just had the most fun watching the game, dancing to the music from the band and spotting Albert!

After the game there was a shoot around for kids on the court, although we love shooting hoops at home in his fisher price basketball hoop, I didn't think he could grasp 1. Waiting in line by himself with 100 or so ther kids 2. Shooting a layup-ha!

They were sweet enough to let me bring him down on the court for a few minutes though!


We had such a great time with Nannie and PaPa!!


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Ruth said...

It looks like fun. He will be excited one day to be out there shooting.